Moving To A New Area And Need To Pick An Internet Service Provider? Benefits Of Choosing Fiber-Optic Internet

If you are moving to a new area and need to pick an Internet service provider, you will quickly find you have many options. One of these options is choosing a provider that offers fiber optics over traditional cable. Below is information about what fiber optics is, as well as three benefits this will offer you. You can then get the Internet set up for your new home.

Fiber Optics

With fiber optics, a fiber-optic cable is used. The cable is known as a network cable. The cable itself has several threads of fibers. The fibers are made of a special type of glass and are inside a casing for protection. Fiber optics can go long distances when compared to other types of cables, such as wired cables.

Fiber optic cables use pulses of light to communicate signals via light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or by using small lasers. The threads of glass are very thin, and the LED or laser light travels through the core of each thread of glass. The glass reflects light to keep a strong signal.

When it comes to fiber-optic cables, there are two types that are used: single-mode cables and multi-mode cables. The single-mode cables use a laser to generate the right amount of light. Multi-mode cables use LEDs instead of lasers. Single-mode cables can go a much longer distance when compared to multi-mode, which makes the single-mode fiber cables more expensive.

Benefits of Fiber Optics

There are many benefits of choosing fiber optics over traditional cable, including the following:

Faster Speed

You will find that fiber-optic Internet is much faster when compared to cable or DSL. There are different speed options available, however, and what you choose will affect the price. For example, in most cases, you will have the option of a range of approximately 50 Mbps to around 100 Gbps. This does depend on whether you choose single-mode or multi-mode cables. The speed also depends on your Internet service provider (ISP).

Faster Access to the Cloud

Because the bandwidth and speed of fiber Internet are much faster, you have faster access to your applications and the data that you have stored in a cloud. This means you will not have as many delays when you need to access information in the cloud.

More Reliable

Fiber internet is much more reliable when compared to cable Internet. This is because cable Internet uses copper cables, and fiber-optic cables are much stronger when compared to copper. Fiber-optic cables are also not affected by bad weather conditions. Fiber-optic cables are also resistant to electrical or human interference. The only way these two things can affect fiber cables is if someone physically cuts the cable.

You can contact a local fiber Internet provider and ask them about this information, and they can give you more details, as well as more benefits fiber optics can offer.